Oh New York ! How art thou??

This video was beautifully captured by a dear friend of mine Ar. Shreeni Benjamin during our visit to

New York in the summers of 2018. It captures the historic neighborhood around Domino Park, Brooklyn.

How things change!

Quoting Simon de Beauvior “There is something in the New York air that makes sleep useless”. A city that never sleeps. A city which is home to the millions out there.

Scrolling through my Instagram feed, while I am lazing around and procrastinating about the day's agenda, I bumped into a series of pictures by New York Times showing the controlled activities happening at various parks in NYC amidst this chaos of a Global Pandemic. The catchy caption on the post caught my attention "The pandemic isn’t over, but some New Yorkers are acting as if it were''.

A city that never sleeps had suddenly become a deserted piece of land with the rising fatality and uprising cases. It clearly showcased the change and impact on the Urban Fabric of the city.

Imagine a 'Humanless' Brooklyn Bridge!

Few series of pictures just got my attention and I couldn't believe my eyes then.

It’s so unusual to see a ‘Humanless’ Brooklyn Bridge; The mighty Monumental, Neo-Gothic structure of the New York city's skyline with no human or animal in sight. Unbelievable right?

This moronic virus "let's not say the name, because it's just all over" has indeed brought in the considerations for "the new normal" of Social distancing. Isn't it?

Summers of 2020 : A "Humanless" Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Photo courtesy: Newyork Times https://www.instagram.com/p/CAG91uEjCEE/?igshid=1prr9vklfxa6q

Social Distancing and Blah!

"You love it or hate it! But you gotta follow it!"

Usually, those haphazardly occupied Parks have now suddenly become almost organized with small groups of people occupying those demarcated circular markings which are almost 6-8 feet apart.

It felt way too organized for a Park or an open public place. The major parks in New York city have suddenly changed with a conscious effort of New Yorkers and the authorities by following certain Social Distancing protocols. It felt so unusual and unreal to me.

Photo courtesy: Newyork Times https://www.instagram.com/p/B_xbFFbBCnd/?igshid=r9vpeb6gn3f7

Nostalgia! The Bryant Park memories of 2018.

I vividly remember this fantastic evening at Bryant Park, back in the summer of 2018 where every Tuesday during summers they would screen a movie (usually Classics). It was a bright sunny day, to be specific a Tuesday i.e 18 June 2018. The entire day we were busy documenting the streets of Manhattan and cycling in between the Brooklyn bridge and the Williamsburg bridge. We spent our day mapping the demography of several Manhattan Neighborhoods. New York city has its charm and that charm is its people living in those boroughs. It's hard to imagine those streets empty or deserted. This Tuesday they were to screen the uber Classic “The Breakfast club” and as we finished our day's agenda we rushed to the Park to occupy the best spot not just to watch that uber classic but to experience the aura of that dynamic place.

Summers of 2018 : Amidst the Tall Glass skyscrapers lies this humble Bryant Park.

Photo courtesy: self

As we entered the premises, we could see groups of families and friends already with their floor spreads and snacks chilling on the lush green lawn. I could smell the Butter Popcorn and Doughnuts from the parked carts in the neighborhood. The lush green space surrounded by these huge monumental glass skyscrapers was all dominated by the chatty chirps of these excited spectators waiting for the movie to begin. As usual we were late to occupy the perfect spot to lay out our mini spreads and binge watch.

Summers of 2018 : Tuesday Movie screening of the classic "The Breakfast club" at Bryant Park

Photo courtesy: self

The Summer Hype ??

I always wondered why summers were such a hype in the West, until I experienced it myself. The extreme climatic conditions and cold frost for most of the year would definitely be a frustrating thing.

A little sun and tan is always a good idea!

P.s. That realization came up when I myself experienced those extreme winters with frost bites and a blocked nose during my stay in Switzerland for a semester exchange in 2017. I remember desperately waiting for the winters to end and longing for some summer sun to soak in.

What better than spending the Summers at these Public parks or lakes in your neighborhood. The unusual Summer of 2020 that went by or probably this entire year per say will always be remembered in the history of mankind as an unforgettable event caused by "let's not say the name, because it's just all over".

Just Remember “ A little sun and tan is always a good idea”