A Stringing Journey!

Strings of Joy

To the paths we cross, for the lessons we learn To the failures we face, anticipating the good or worse as we expect.

With the highs and the lows, we try and sustain We sustain for the power to restrain and regain.

To all the paths we pave, for the destiny we crave There lies a vision, with one’s persistence and riches.

~ Yours Truly

“What was the first feeling about your firstborn?” I asked my mother, sister and friends; it was like a brain teaser for them. The common answer was that their hearts and minds were going through varied emotions filled with contentment, confusion, love, compassion, happiness anticipating many more dips and highs in the roller coaster journey of life. During one of the conversations with my cousins Ketaki and Parul, two young working mothers of five- and seven-year-old boys respectively, I asked them about their immediate emotions at the first sight of their first born.

Ketaki Dhawad, an avid book reader and a blogger, based out of Nagpur, India is a mother of a 5-year-old boy. She has been managing her home, child, and family very efficiently whilst following her passion for reading and commercial/personal blogging.

Ketaki says, “To be honest. It took me some time to process that I am solely responsible for the life of a human now. Everything went smoothly at the hospital but the real deal began once I reached home with Ved. I had mixed emotions, happy for having Ved but still in shock for all the changes that my body went through. The first 3 months were very difficult, taking time to get comfortable with my body and making peace with it.”

Website: www.ketakidhawad.com

Parul Tidke works with HSBC as production lead and IT service owner for past 15 years and is based out of London, United Kingdom. Her multitasking skills have come handy when she started the journey as a mother to juggle between family, child and the career.

When posed the same question, Parul replied, “The first thought that came to my mind was that the pain and agony of childbirth was all worth it. I saw a new beginning in my hands and my soul's reflection. It was miraculous to see a full-grown baby whom I was carrying for 9 months without a clue of what he/she would look like! Suddenly I was grabbed by the worry of the baby’s well-being until I heard from the doctor that he is all ok. The very next moment I started looking for my resemblance in his features or fingers and even the nails. Without thinking much about the next few days in the hospital or the initial baby care days, I decided to be in the moment with him.”

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/parul-tidke-93731a9

Valentina Daku Berisha is based in Europe and has worked with various Global organizations like Business reporter, Ministry of Kosovo and various non-profit, humanitarian organizations globally. She is a mother to a one year old boy, balancing and hustling between work and family efficiently. I am glad to have her as a dear friend.

She says, "I gave a natural birth and it was a small complication during the labor that caused me to faint. After I woke up, the first moment I saw my son, he was not crying. He was just laying there not even moving! I was worried and scared if I did something wrong. I kept saying “ I’m sorry I fainted, is he okay is he okay?!” The nurse took and send him to a corner and after a few seconds she said “ he is fine but he doesn’t look like you!” She was happy and I started smiling and saying “ he looks exactly like his father”! I was so relieved and exited to meet my perfect baby. The nurse rushed to send him to the pediatrician therefore she just placed my babies cheek on my cheek for a second and took him away. The smell and the smooth perfect skin feels like is still there. It is a feeling I wouldn’t trade it with anything in the world!"

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/valentina-daku-berisha-8a7324105


A mother’s compassion is boundless and abundant. There’s abundance in every tiny bit. The analogy that I am trying to make here feels very relevant to me (it’s quite subjective though). So here’s to my creation’s First anniversary, something that belongs to me one hundred percent; I call it my baby webpage.

www.therutleestrings.com turns One!

I feel like an ambitious mother nurturing the page, managing the blogs, updating the profiles and interface, curating the workshops, collaborations etc. This one year has been generous and kind to me in terms of my professional, personal and social growth.

I would like to dedicate this blog to all the Women in various creative sectors, by quoting the golden words by late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, “ I would like to be remembered as someone who used whatever talent she had to do her work to the very best of her ability.”


These are few of those powerful women-run organizations and ventures that have been my constant source of inspiration and support. I hope it inspires more and more aspiring woman entrepreneurs to lead and start their own ventures in their respective fields.


Credits: www.instagram.com/illu_stri/

Aishwarya Edakhe is a designer-maker and a design educator, currently working as an Assistant Professor at MIT, Pune. Her work focuses on perspectives in visual identity and material culture. With a transdisciplinary background, she conducts workshops based on theory and research in design. Rooted in crafts, she has been experimenting with identity design and has been a part of multiple workshops revolving around the theme in India and Europe. She has worked with CEPT University and NID in collaboration with IIM Ahmedabad. Her primary practice revolves around illustrating narratives in the exhibition and interior architectural design.

Website: www.illustri.in/

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/aishwaryaedakhe


Credits: www.instagram.com/miraclespersquarefeet/

Ketaki Pratap Jadhav works as a Research Writing and Teaching Associate at CEPT University, Ahmedabad. She completed her Master’s in Interior Architecture and Design from CEPT University and was awarded the Best Research for her thesis in Crafts & Technology. Her research focuses on the notion of Craft Design Collaborations addressing the impacts of collaboration on craft practices. She has recently started “Miracles Per Square Feet” which aims to work for and with craft communities. The initiative is a platform for artisans to sell authentic handmade products to audiences in a place apart from their local neighborhood. Alongside she enjoys converting her daily experiences into illustrative doodles that hope to spread giggles, one doodle at a time. She is fondly known as "Little Miss Chashmish."



Credits: www.instagram.com/comforting.chaos/

Surbhi Tilashi is an Architect, Urban Designer and an Illustrator. She runs Comforting Chaos, an Architectural illustration page. As the name evinces, she tries to bring comfort through her pieces in our everyday chaotic life. As a kid, she felt magical every time she painted, as if the brushes were dancing and the paints were singing. With the passage of time she got attracted to the digital media and started working with digital watercolor as one of the prime mediums for her artwork. Her subject tends to arise from the mundane in-between spaces of our lives that we see, but barely notice. These artworks bring pleasure to her, helping connect to the world around and remember the world as she wants to, through colors, light, and moments. She believes that every piece of work belongs to the greater evolving poetry.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/surbhi-tilashi-02232340


Credits: www.instagram.com/archi.feministcollective/

The Feminist Collective in Architecture is one of the most awaited initiatives envisioned by the fellow Architecture practitioners, Academicians and peers Madhavi Desai, Miki Desai, Urvi Desai, Priyanshi Pathak and Himani Vinodrai in Ahmedabad, India. I am glad to be a part of this collective and hoping to contribute my bit to it. The Collective aims to promote gender equity and gender richness in the field of Architecture, Design and Built Environment. The Collective aims at expanding the discourse in education, research and practice by becoming the agents of transformation.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/archi.feministcollective/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/archi.feministcollective/

As FCA quotes,” The central vision behind FCA is to engage in re-conceiving the discipline of architecture from a feminist lens – both in a discursive as well as practical manner. "

Credits: The FCA, Ahmedabad, India


Photo Credits: nmwa.org/art/artists/guerrilla-girls/

Guerilla Girls (Estd. 1985, NYC)! I first came across this Artist feminist collective at Salone del Mobile, Milan back in 2017 through the posters across the streets. These Girls are Re-inventing the term ‘Feminism’ with an agenda of breaking the Patriarchy, gender biases, corruption in the field Art, Design, corruption and pop culture. Guerilla Girls wear gorilla masks in public and keep their anonymity as a factor that lets them focus on the real issues. They have definitely stirred in a Global revolution in the creative sectors defying the notions of social inequality, income inequality, gender biases, racism etc.

Quoting from their webpage’s Bio, “We believe in an intersectional feminism that fights discrimination and supports human rights for all people and all genders. We have done hundreds of projects (posters, actions, books, videos, stickers) all over the world. We also do interventions and exhibitions at museums, blasting them on their own walls for their bad behavior and discriminatory practices. What’s next: More creative complaining!! More interventions!! More resistance!! ”

Credits: www.guerrillagirls.com/

Cheers to my Happy one! Let's Collaborate, Create and Curate! <3