Hey folks,


The Creative bug inside has always encouraged me to experiment in the realm of art and creativity. Overcoming the personal challenges of serious procrastination and as a certified Over-thinker. I would finally  like to share my strings of joy with the world as I say it "therutleestrings".

I create and I design spaces, I sketch, I doodle, I paint, I write,I teach, I travel, I Bellydance.


As an Architect and an independent Researcher I have always drawn inspiration from the cities and neighbourhoods I visited. The narrative of every neighborhood is a seamless cohesion of the memories from the past, the upright present and an unseen future. All these strings tied together brings me here to share my joy with the world.

My blogs here would be on myriad topics, from tonnes of memories, strolls and walks, travel diaries,  graphics and of course Bellydancing. ​I strongly believe that

Design thinking and Collaborative efforts strengthen in creating better societies. 


So let's create one and spread some love!